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Ashleigh Gardner’s roles to be changed ahead of CWG 2022

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The Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022 is all set to start on 28th July 2022. Australian Cricket Team has two matches left before they participate in the tournament.

The Australian all-rounder, Ashleigh Gardner will look to fit into a different role for the competition. She is keen to don a different role for the competition. Gardner will be bowling in the powerplay overs and thereby, take on more responsibility.

Previously, Ashleigh Gardner did the same role against India and Pakistan and got considerable success.

“It’s nice to be playing a different role. I generally don’t bowl those powerplay overs and it’s something that’s been spoken about and something I’m really excited to do,” said Gardner as per ESPNcricinfo.

“It’s an awesome challenge. Only bowling with two fielders out is quite difficult at times. They alluded to it at the start of the series and even though my role clarity meetings that it was something I should wrap my head around,” she added.

However, with Ireland having a lot of right-handed players in the top order, Gardner returned to bowl in the middle overs. Having said that, she is likely to bowl in the power-play in the future.  

“There’s always plenty of left-handers at the top of the order as well, so that being a genuine match-up. It’s just being aware of that and comfortable doing it because it is a different role, people are going harder at the top of the order and you only have the two out for protection so it’s about being really clear on where you want to get hit,” said Gardner.

Only three games are left for Australia to play before they head to Birmingham for the CWG 2022. Only three Australian batters had time to play in the recent matches due to the rain out and a nine-wicket win. Despite that Gardner is confident about the upcoming tournament.

“If we keep our batting order the same to what we usually use I think that will be most beneficial to get those people plenty of time in the middle and then really utilise training to get the other batters a hit,” she said.

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