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Australia acquires the top spot in the ICC World Test Championship, India slips to second

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Team India lose its position as the Australian cricket team has acquired the top spot in the ICC World Test Championship. India has now downgraded to the second position.

The development took place following the amendment in the ICC World Test Championship points system. ICC announced on Thursday that, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have decided to alter the method of assigning rankings to the teams. The rankings in the points table will now be determined by the percentage of points earned by each team. Additionally, the current regulations state that incomplete matches will be categorized as drawn matches with points divided.

So, although the Indian cricket team is at 360 points, 64 points ahead of the top rankers, the latest amendment in the curation of the points table restricts them to the second spot. Australia has earned the most percentage of points, 82.2%, while India has earned 75.0%.

On the unforeseen need for the alteration of the points table system, ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney said, “Both the Cricket Committee and Chief Executives Committee supported the approach of ranking teams based on completed matches and points earned as this reflects their performance and doesn’t disadvantage teams that have been unable to complete all of their matches through no fault of their own.”

Apart from India and Australia’s rankings, all the other positions remain unchanged.

ICC World Test Championship latest Points Table

New Zealand50.01803340
Sri Lanka33.3802121
West Indies16.7402140
South Africa10.0242160