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Cricket Kit: Must Have for a Professional Player

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Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Due to the popularity of the game and the fame, it gives to a person many people try their luck to become a professional cricketers. To become a professional you need to join an academy, buy a cricket kit and do the whole process. Basically, the game of Cricket consists of a Cricket bat, Batting gloves, Cricket ball, Batting pad, thigh pad, and helmet. The equipment may vary according to the role of a player as the Wicket-keeper has additional belongings like Keeping gloves and a helmet.


The most important thing in a cricket kit is a bat, Your height will determine the size cricket bat you require because there are different sizes available. Consider which size would be ideal for you before placing an online buy. It’s always possible to return a bat if it’s too big. Most parents are purchasing adult Cracker Bats for their children when junior Bats are available, especially for children.

The size of a bat has a significant impact on the cage. In actuality, there is a guideline that is adhered to that specifies the preferred bat size to use based on a player’s height. Short Handle adult cricket bats, sometimes abbreviated as “SH,” are the most popular size at both club and international levels. This site should be available for all adult cricket bats. We strongly advise selecting a short-handle cricket bat size if you estimate your height to be about average or if this is your first adult cricket bat.

In a cricket bat, there are two categories which are Kashmir willow and English willow. Kashmir willow is preferable for beginners, but at the professional level, every batter prefers English Willow.


Cricket balls can also differ greatly. Get a couple of different kinds to determine which will complement your playing field best. Like baseball, cricket is typically played on a grassy, dirty field.

Get a leather ball if you’re planning to play on a grassy field. Cricket experts advise using a red ball when playing during the day. White balls are used in nighttime games to increase visibility. Basically cricket ball is of three types.

The red ball, the traditional ball is used to play test cricket in international and domestic matches. It swings more than the White ball. Earlier when the white ball was not introduced all the matches were played with the red ball.

The white ball is used in the limited over format which is T20 and ODI, it is easy to spot, and it is more suitable for the batter as they swing less and carry more in the air.

The pink ball is the recent addition to the type of cricket ball it is used in day-night test matches. It also helps the bowler more and swings and seams more than the White ball.


A helmet is yet another crucial piece of gear while playing cricket. You must purchase a helmet that is snug on your head and has sufficient ventilation. In this way, if there is a wild pitch, the ball won’t go up into the helmet. There has been a lot of alteration in how the helmet is made. Because a cricket ball is very hard and a player can be severely injured due to the hard nature of the bowl.

Cricket helmets come in a variety of styles, and each style features a unique neck guard. Look for a helmet that is light, has good ventilation, and has padding on the inside for soaking up perspiration. The best helmets in this category are thought to be Forma helmets. After locating a helmet, search for some cricket batting pads. They are basically just to protect your front legs from the ball.


Several different pairs of batting gloves, made of a wide range of materials, will be necessary to purchase. Look for gloves that are made of breathable leather, are not too heavy, and have good ventilation. According to your comfort, cricket batting gloves often come in a variety of styles and patterns. If you’re left-handed, you’ll need to purchase separate sets of gloves because the bottom glove lacks cushioning in the thumb. Players keep spare gloves as they get sticky due to the sweat and then it is hard for a player to play his shots.


To transport all of your gear, you’ll need a very sizable bag. Although everyone has their own ideal sports bag, search for one that is constructed of washable materials. Look for a cricket kit bag that is designed just for players of the game.

Some cricket bags come with wet equipment pockets, double-reinforced carrying straps, and a separate helmet compartment. You can also look for a bag with wheels, such as a duffle kit bag. Long-term, your back will benefit from it.

Non-Kit cricket pieces of equipment

Apart from the Cricket kits that comprise Bat, Ball, Batting and wicket-keeping pads, helmet, gloves, and an abdomen guard, there are other essential pieces of equipment. Other important equipments that are used in a cricket game are equally important for a game to go about.

Following non-cricket-kit equipments that are used in a cricket game are:

  1. Stumps and Bails: Two sets of wickets are placed opposite  to each other at a distance of 22 yards between the centres of the two middle stumps. Each set shall be 22.86 cm wide and shall consist of three wooden stumps with two wooden bails on top.

    LED bails were introduced in and used in the 2012 edition of the Australian Big Bash League. From there on, the idea of LED bails became prevalent to date.

  2. Stump mic: The integration of technology in cricket has been the highlight in the 21st century. However, stump mic had already begun to be used late 1970s by Kerry Packer, the owner of Channel 9 that covered cricket in Australia.
  3. Hawk-eye: The Hawkeye technology also the ball-tracking technology in cricket began to be first used during a Test match between England and Pakistan at Lord’s Cricket Ground, 2001.

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