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Cricket Scotland to offer paid contract to the players in international women’s team

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On Thursday, Cricket Scotland presented key strategy modifications with the goal of ensuring the long-term success of both the national and international teams while also constructing a more sustainable governing body.

“This will enable a number of players to devote more time to training and practice and is a start to putting the women’s game onto a fully professional footing,” Cricket Scotland said in a statement.

Women’s international team participants were offered paid contracts for the first time ever. According to Scotland Cricket, this is a step toward professionalising women’s cricket and follows the 2021 initiative to pay women’s and men’s players the same match costs.

The Cricket Scotland organisation intends to provide physiotherapy services in addition to strength-and-conditioning programmes.

The cricket governing body is now in discussion with Sport Scotland regarding the enhancement of the performance programme.

At the end of the year, the employment contracts of seven contract workers in these areas will not be renewed, and Cricket Scotland may reduce the number of permanent roles by up to three.

These adjustments are necessary in order to realign the aims of the governing body and construct a strong financial foundation for a new sports strategy.

As part of a reset to rebuild the governing body’s resilience and support the key changes outlined in the Changing the Boundaries report, the board will hire a Head of Communications, an EDI Manager, and a Conduct in Sports Manager. These positions will be filled in the coming weeks.

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