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How To Playing Cricket: Beginners Guide To Know

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Cricket is one of the most widespread and popular sports across the globe. With a tremendous fan base and increasing professionalism, Cricket has turned out to be the fastest-developing sport. The Indian Subcontinent, Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa are the pioneers of world cricket.

Cricket can be played as a hobby as well as professionally. All across the world, cricket is also played on streets and in fields as small as 20 m. Habitual cricket does not require any prerequisite training and equipment whereas professional cricket requires such vital support.

How to Play Cricket?

Though cricket is passionately played across the world, it is rather a complicated and tedious sport. Cricket involves proper technique, footwork and precision. Consistency is definitely the key to success in the sport. And playing cricket is not complicated. One only needs enthusiasm, and passion, and needs to know some rules about the game. Besides, there are some standard prerequisites such as having a Bat, Ball, Stumps, bails, and an umpire.

In this featured post, let’s know more about the game and how to play this stunning game.

Know about the game

Cricket is a team sport that is played amongst two teams of eleven members each on a circular field. The vital elements of cricket are batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket-keepers. The game is played on a 22-yard hard surface in the centre of the field which is known as the cricket pitch. A pitch can be hard, soft, green or dusty based on the geographic location and development. And when two teams play against each other, 11 players from the fielding team are deployed on the ground in different positions in order to save runs and even get the wicket of the opposition batters.

Cricket Equipments

Cricket involves piles of equipment when played professionally. However, a willow, popularly known as a bat and a ball form the base of the game. Bats might vary in size and quality whereas cricket is professionally played with a leather ball but is also played with tennis or synthetic balls. The wicket-keeper wears specialized gloves whereas professional batsmen use numerous protective gear including leg pads, gloves, abdominal guard, thigh guard and helmet. The pitch is accompanied by wickets that are used to dismiss the batsmen.

Gaming actions

Batting and bowling are indispensable parts of the game. The batsman uses a bat and stands on either end of the pitch to face the bowler. The bowler strides with a running action with an aim to dismiss the batsman by hitting the wickets or tempting them to get caught. The batsman’s aim is to thrash the bowler by hitting the ball out of the field or scoring tactically in between the fielders. The wicketkeeper stands behind the stumps to grab the missed deliveries whereas the fielders are spread across the ground to protect the ball from racing towards the boundary.

Basics of the Game

Cricket is played for a definite number of overs. An over consists of six balls. The game is played for limited overs or unlimited overs (test). A certain number of overs constitute an innings. Usually, limited-over games have two innings whereas unlimited overs games have four innings. The team that scores more runs in a particular inning wins a cricket match.

Knowing the Field

Cricket is played on a circular or oval-shaped field. The dimensions of the field may vary from ground to ground. The boundaries mark the playable area. Wickets known as Stumps are placed at either end of the pitch. They are surrounded by a crease. The crease is a certain lethal limit which the bowler cannot cross while bowling and the batsman have to obey the same and stay inside before the wicketkeeper collects the ball and hit the stumps to dismiss. Similarly, popping creases can be found adjacent to wickets in order to determine illegal deliveries.

Playing the Game

A toss is conducted prior to the start of a cricket match. The toss determines which team bats first and second. The ultimate goal should be to score more runs in an innings than the opposition. Powerful hitting, accurate bowling and exceptional fielding determine the winner of the match. There are various modes of dismissal such as LBW, Caught, Stumping, Bowled, etc. A batsman can hit boundaries by clearing the field or running across the wicket to score runs. He/ she has a number of shots at his/ her disposal to attack the opposition bowlers and put as many runs on the scoreboard. The team that scores more runs in their innings wins the match.

Understanding Rules and Regulations

Cricket game is a framework to play within certain boundaries and limitations. A clear set of rules and regulations guide fair play throughout the match. A batsman is bound to remain in the crease when the bowler is in action and also after playing a shot. If he fails to do so, he might face the consequences and get run out. The bowler also has to make sure he bowls a delivery within the crease limits. Bowling beyond the popping crease may result in a wide ball whereas bowling ahead of the crease or over the batsman’s waist height will result in a no-ball.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the apex global body that ascertains the various laws of cricket. In India, the Board of Cricket Control for India (BCCI) is the marquee cricket regulating and monitoring body. Similarly, all the Test and non-Test playing nations operate under a ruling administration. Some of the prominent cricketing boards (apart from the BCCI) in the world are as follows:

a. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
b. Cricket Australia (CA)
c. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC)
d. Cricket South Africa (CSA)
e. New Zealand Cricket (NZC)
f. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)
g. Cricket West Indies (CWI)
h. Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB)

So turn up your heads and start to play cricket now. Enjoy yourselves on the field and compete with your opponents or friends with enthusiasm! Remember to track your score and find the winner.

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