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India did not have a World Cup-winning team in 2019, says Aakash Chopra

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The mention of the 2019 World Cup stills throws the India fans in deep thoughts as to why such a powerful and one of the most sought-after team, couldn’t emerge as the tournament winner.

However, former Indian team cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra seemingly has an answer to that as he came up with his own analysis on his YouTube channel “Aakash Vaani”, where he commented on India’s defeat in the 2019 WC semifinals by saying that it ‘wasn’t a World-Cup winning team’.

Drawing out a comparison between the Dhoni’s 2011 winning team XI and Virat’s 2019 team XI, Chopra presented his analysis as to why the latter team couldn’t get the World Cup trophy home, he said that Dhoni had a stronger team capable and deserving of a World Cup win. He is of the opinion that India’s defeat in the 2019 tournament happened due to their liabilities to deal with the problems.

“If you have to choose between Tendulkar and Rohit, whom will you choose, very tough call, almost even-steven. They may just cancel each other out because Rohit has struck 5 centuries in a World Cup edition, which no one has done. Between Rahul/Dhawan and Sehwag, my heart says to keep Sehwag ahead, but let me keep Dhawan ahead just for argument sake.”

Dhawan was ruled out of the World Cup tournament due to his injury and Rishabh Pant was sent as his replacement for the rest of the tournament.

Aakash Chopra pointed out the loophole of the Indian team that probably cost them the semi-finals match against New Zealand. He criticised on how the team management dealt with the entire situation after Dhawan was injured.

“Because the middle-order was so brittle, you didn’t have the team to win. You should have played Shami and you didn’t play him. You didn’t prepare the team and Shikhar Dhawan got injured as well.” Chopra said.

Concluding his analysis, Chopra only said that the team of 2019 might be better than 2011’s team, but the trophy holders are still the MS Dhoni led side of 2011.

Pratik Pathak
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