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HomeCricket NewsJhulan Goswami feels women's IPL could be a massive success in India

Jhulan Goswami feels women’s IPL could be a massive success in India

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Veteran Indian bowler Jhulan Goswami on Wednesday said that a full-fledged women’s IPL could be a massive success in the country.

She supported her statement by saying that it will be a great step with the prospect of the future of Indian women cricket. The women’s IPL will also have players coming from all over the world while youngsters will get to share the dressing room with “top-notch Indian and international talent”.

“As far as IPL is concerned, we do wish for the full-fledged tournament to start and we are all waiting for that. Women’s IPL will be a big achievement for the country and for young cricketers as they are going to share the dressing room with top-notch Indian and international talent,” Jhulan Goswami told Sports Tiger.

Jhulan is one of the most successful cricketers and also the world’s leading wicket-taker in women’s cricket. She reminisced her journey for the world cup and career during the early stages of her time in the Indian team.

“The 1997 Women’s World Cup was happening in India and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to be honest. I wasn’t 100% aware of the World Cup happening. But the West Bengal government sent across a few complimentary tickets to the girl’s school and as I was into sports I was fortunate enough to get those”

“My dad took me for the match as it wasn’t possible for me to travel alone to Kolkata from my village. It was my first time at the Eden Gardens and I was standing in front of the main gate of the Cricket Association of Bengal and they pointed at me and said you are a ball girl,”
she said.

The 37-year-old believes that age is just a number and passionate athletes should never keep the number bar in their mind.

“As a professional athlete, you never think about age. You just go on with your passion, hard work, and love for the game. You just want to be on the ground as much as possible and that is the most satisfying factor for any athlete. And I am just enjoying myself,” Jhulan said.

Jhulan sounded exhilarated about her upcoming biopic which the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma will play.

 “I am very nervous about how people are going to react. I just hope it can motivate more young kids to take up sports. I am looking forward to it.” she concluded.