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PCB could pull out of Asia Cup 2023 if tournament is moved out of Pakistan

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Ramiz Raja has stated that India may be unable to participate in the Asia Cup 2023 if the Indian government does not grant their squad permission to travel to Pakistan, but hosting rights shall not be altered under any circumstances.

If Pakistan’s hosting rights for the 2023 Asia Cup is taken away and the tournament is moved to another country, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja has said that Pakistan may consider withdrawing from the competition.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated in October that India would not be travelling to Pakistan to participate in the 2023 Asia Cup, instead opting for a neutral location. Besides his role as president of the International Cricket Council, Shah also leads the Asian Cricket Council.

“It’s not like we don’t have hosting rights and are pleading with you to host it. We got the rights on the merits. They will not come if India does not come. If Pakistan loses the Asia Cup host’s position, we’ll be the ones to go,” Ramiz stated on the sidelines of the Pakistan vs England Test in Rawalpindi.

Ramiz Raja defends PCB’s right to host Asia Cup 2023

After 17 years, England finally visited Pakistan and starting in the last week of December, New Zealand will play a test series there. Also in March of 2022, Australians visited Pakistan.

“We’ve shown we can host great teams. I can understand issues relating to bilateral cricket, but the Asia Cup is a multi-nation tournament, almost as big as the World Cup for the Asian bloc,” PCB Chief added.

“Why grant it to us in the first place and then make all those claims about India not visiting Pakistan?” I agree that India will not come since the government will not permit them to do so – OK. But taking away the Asia Cup from the host on that premise is wrong.”

Ramiz has also made it clear that he wants to see India and Pakistan play each other at some point during the competition.

Ramiz is representative of the crowd at MCG where India and Pakistan played in the T20 World Cup.

To sum up, Ramiz said that in order to make money and get back on its feet, Test cricket, too, requires games between bitter rivals.

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