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HomeCricket NewsRahul Dravid urges state associations to use former 'Experienced' players

Rahul Dravid urges state associations to use former ‘Experienced’ players

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Rahul Dravid, the Director of National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru has asked the state cricket associations to start using the former players in order to improve their game.

He said “Don’t let the former player’s experience go to waste” while interacting with the members of affiliated units during a webinar organized by the BCCI.

“Rahul never said that it is a mandatory thing but his suggestion to states was that we should try and use former players in their area of expertise,” a secretary of one of the state units, who attended the webinar told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

“If they can be integrated in the cricketing set-up, their experience and expertise will not go waste.”

The webinar which was attended by various secretaries and state cricket operation heads, Rahul Dravid, BCCI-NCA head of Education Sujith Somasundar (also a former India ODI opener) and trainer Ashish Kaushik. They said that NCA is planning a two-phased training resumption — virtual and physical. “Virtual training will be the way forward,” they said.

“In current circumstances, it will be difficult that 25 or 30 players will be training together. So, state team’s trainers and physios will have to help players virtually and phase-wise
a few can come and train physically,” informed one of the secretaries who attended the webinar.

Ashish Kaushik, who was in the trio, talked about how to maintain a balance between the strength and the skill training.
“He spoke how strength training should be less when you are doing skills training and vice versa,” the official said.
“They suggested that state team physios should try and collate as much as diverse physical data with regards to player so that it helps in future during rehabilitation programs,” he said.

Rahul Dravid is known as The Wall of the game and he has played 164 test matches and scored 13288 runs with an average of 52.31 while he played 344 ODIs and made 10889 runs with and an average of 39.17.