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T10 cricket rules: All about the format, tournaments

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T10 Cricket Rules: T10 is the shortest format of cricket played around the world on a domestic level. It is yet to be played on the international level. Abu Dhabi T10 League and Qatar T10 League are two of the approved T10 leagues by the ICC.

In the format, each side bats for a maximum of ten overs. If all ten wickets fall before the completion of ten overs, the innings come to an end. The game lasts for approximately 90 minutes.


  • Unlike the other formats of the game, a bowler cannot bowl more than two overs per innings in T10. This usually adds to the awry of bowlers as seen from data of some leagues:

Here, almost all wicket-taking bowlers have an economy of 9 or more than that. With only two overs in hand, bowlers find it tough to settle.

  • The powerplay in a T10 game lasts for three overs in each innings wherein the fielding team can assign two fielders outside the 30-yard circle. Also, there exists a ‘floating powerplay’ which can be opted for at any time by the batting team from the third to the ninth over. During the non-powerplay overs, five fielders are put up outside the 30-yard circle.
  • In case of any kind of interruptions affecting the match time, the game is reduced to 5 overs per side. This rule has its own pros and cons for the team.
  • Super Over is the solution to tie-breakers in Qualifier, Eliminator and Final like any other format. The team is supposed to score maximum runs in a span of one over with two wickets in hand.

Just like the T20 and 50-over format of the game, T10 also charges the team for a slow over rate. Each team must complete their batting/bowling of 10 overs in 45 minutes.


  • In a positive defence of the format, the ICC and fans around the world have argued in favour of T10 becoming a part of the Olympics. It can potentially become the most attractive format of cricket.
  • A negative impact is seen on the bowlers as they can’t bring out the maximum of their potential in just a span of two overs. A major shared concern is related to the long-term value of existing T20 leagues.

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