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‘Yasir, Shadab can play a crucial role in England’s second innings’- Mushtaq Ahmed

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Mushtaq Ahmed Pakistani spin bowling coach and team mentor for the England tour massed admirations on the spin duo of Yasir Shah and Shadab Khan and even said that they could play a vital role in England’s second innings.

If Pakistan can add 20 or 30 runs, spin consultant Mushtaq Ahmed said leg spinners Yasir Shah and Shadab Khan are good enough to defend it.

“They can be lethal,” Mushtaq said. “Yasir and Shadab have hardly played cricket for the last five or six months, but the way they bowled in the first innings I think they’ve got the momentum now.”

“They understand the pitch and what pace you need to bowl on it, what fields you need to have to different batsmen. I think they are feeling confident in their bowling now. We are very confident.” He added.

Both the spinners shared six wickets between them in host’s first innings which concluded at 219 in 70.3 overs. The duo bowled just 21.3 overs in the first innings.

'Yasir, Shadab can play a crucial role in England's second innings'- Mushtaq Ahmed

“The way Yasir and Shadab bowled, they understand the pitch and the pace you have to bowl to each specific batsman and the field positioning you need to have. I think they’re very confident in the way they bowl. Yasir began with nerves but you can understand that. Both spinners bowled very well in the middle session, and that gives me hope they can play a crucial role as long as they have a decent target to defend,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Ahmed as saying after the conclusion of third day’s play at Old Trafford.

Pakistan is leading with 244-run against England on day three of the first Test on Friday. Pakistan had beset up 326 runs on the board in their first innings while England only accomplished to score 219 runs in their first innings.

Nevertheless, England bowlers fetched the team back in the game as they have already condensed Pakistan team to 137/8 in their second innings.
“I don’t think we were complacent. The boys are very focused. But whenever we were about to put up a partnership, we lost a wicket. The Asad dismissal was a bit painful because the scoreboard had started tickling along and both batsmen were set. As I said, the boys are playing cricket after a while so you need to understand the ebbs and flows of the game and that sometimes takes time,” Ahmed said.
Yasir Shah and Mohammad Abbas will their innings from 12* and 0* on the day four at Old Trafford later in the day.